BECO Precision SA forms an integral part of the local life of Vallorbe and is enjoying success in French-speaking Switzerland. Indeed, at the age of 25, Cor Smit specialised in precision engineering and left his native country, Holland, to settle in Northern Vaud, in Vallorbe.

In 1990, together with Bernard Drezet he founded BECO Precision, specialised in the design and production of moulds for plastic injection.

Since its creation, the company has always been able to identify, at a very early stage, the different needs of the demand and the fluctuations of services and areas of expertise. The principles according to which it has appropriately converted the acquired knowledge has nevertheless remained the same.

BECO Precision SA aims to offer its customers complete satisfaction by providing them with the best product through continuous improvement and innovation.

Our values

  • Quality excellence
  • Responsiveness and competence
  • Have a professional image
  • Know-how that evolves and adapts continuously, innovation that remains a priority
  • Develop a partnership with our customers and promote product improvement
  • Produce in order to perfectly meet customers’ expectations and to their complete satisfaction
  • Maintain traditions
  • Create a sense of belonging amongst employees by focusing on training, dialogue and well-being
  • Our willingness to transmit our know-how by training of multi-skill technicians and draughtsmen
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